Our Guarantee

G&A Flooring provides a 30-year Structure and Finish Warranty to laminate floorings from the date of purchase. We guarantee:

  • • Your floor will not wear through.
  • • Your floor will not stain.
  • • Your floor will be free from manufacturing defects.

Laminate Flooring Warranty is made subject to the following conditions:

  • • The flooring must be installed properly in accordance with the instructions provided by G&A Flooring .
  • • The floors must be installed on a well prepared level surface. High or low spots may allow the joint to loosen, resulting in floor boards that squeak when walked on.
  • • The flooring must be installed using correct installation materials and accessories (foam, moldings, proper tools, etc.)
  • • The flooring must be used indoors for residential applications only.
  • • The warranty does not cover wear due to incorrect installation, improper maintenance, modification or accidents such as scratches, impact by sharp/heavy objects or cutting.
  • • The warranty does not apply to water damage caused by flooding, standing water, household applicants or mechanical failures, or damage caused by water seepage underneath the flooring.
  • • A moisture barrier must be applied for floor installed over concrete subfloors.
  • • The warranty is only applicable to the original customer and is non-transferable.

This warranty covers laminate flooring material only. Installation costs will not be covered.

For Wood Flooring, G&A Flooring offers a 25-year Residential Finish Warranty

  • • This warranty covers the factory applied UV cured polyurethane or aluminum oxide finish on G&A Flooring pre-finished Hardwood floors, which will not wear through to bare wood or allow peel/blister separation of factory finish.
  • • Natural color changing or gloss reduction is not considered wear through.
  • • This warranty is only for the original purchaser and applies to normal residential traffic with proper care and maintenance.
  • • Site condition must be acceptable. The relative humidity on site must not be below 35% and can not exceed 65%.

Warranty Exclusions

  • • Damage during shipping, storage or handling
  • • Improper Installation.
  • • Scratches or indentations.
  • • Grain variation or color variation.
  • • Pet urine or stain discoloration.
  • • Solid hardwood floor which has been glued down to concrete.
  • • Squeaking or other noise caused by floating floor installation.
  • • Shrinkage or Expansion caused by wet sub floor or moisture from above or below flooring.

Filing a claim

Any claim should be filed by contacting G&A Flooring within 30 days after the defect is detected.
Manufacturing defects must be reported prior to flooring installation, and no later than six months after the date of purchase.

Proof of purchase such as the original invoice or receipt showing the date of purchase must be presented for warranty.

We can be reached at:
tel: 1-509-484-8435
fax: 1-509-315-4707

This warranty constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and no waiver or amendment shall be valid unless made in writing and signed by an authorized representative of G&A Flooring.

G&A Flooring is authorized to modify or change the comprehensive warranty applying to its products and it reserves the right to make alterations to its products.